Media Academy

The Signal Radio Media Academy is a Level 3 qualification in Creative Media, but with a heavy emphasis on radio. The entry requirement is 4 GCSEs at grade C and above, and a genuine interest in radio.

We do a variety of radio-based units such as; news production and presentation as well as making our own commercials, jingles, podcasts and radio dramas.

Two days a week are based at Burslem, where we have our own radio studio installed which will be used for both lessons and to create our own radio programmes for college. The big ‘bonus’ of the course though is the fact that one day a week, the students are based at the studios at Signal Radio. Here you are in the perfect environment to create the radio assignments as well as receive masterclasses from Signal staff.

For instance, we have classes from the head of advertising as well as the radio station manager. She has already recruited some members of the class to do part time work and we hope that more will be employed in the future, although you can get work experience at local stations such as Moorlands Radio, 6Towns, The Cat, Red Shift and Stafford FM, which are all internet based stations.


For additional details contact the college on 01782 208 208.